onsdag 18 mars 2015

My plans for HSM challenge 2, something blue

Since I've finished my 1920's bra, I figured I'd sew a 1920's dress for the blue challenge, so I did, but didn't take any pictures in the process. It is finished, and the photo is of me and my girlfriend - wearing coats over our dresses (it was cold outside). My girlfriend made a checkered one hour dress. I'm very jealous as I wanted a checkered 1920's dress forever!
I'm to the right, in the floral brimmed dress.

And the dress without a coat, a group photo where I kept only myself, in case somebody would object to be featured on my blog.
Again on the right, floral dress.
We wore the dresses to a historical "fika" in Gamla Linköping this Sunday, and it was really fun, everybody came in a decade of their choice, we paraded our clothes a bit to each other, and other visitors admired us and wanted to take our photographs.

As for the pattern, I just drafted a bodice that seemed appropriate, and used the entire width of the fabric for the skirt. The sleeves are an after thought as I planned to make it sleeveless, but something was missing. I'm wearing a detachable scarf, that could also serve as a belt or as a ribbon around the hat. Sunday I wanted it as a scarf though.

Both photos are the curtesy of the blogger behind Fashion through history.

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